A New Year!


2012 ended with more of a whimper, than a bang this year!  There was the 10 year old's broken arm that required several hours waiting in the Children's ER waiting room, and then there were all the germs we accumulated during that visit that have presented themselves one after the other, after the other, after the other...well you get the idea!

But, the cast comes off in 2 more weeks, and this weekend I'm waging an all-out nuclear war on germs, and I'm determined to get the dye pots out, since it's nearly 50 and sunny! 

I felt well enough to dye 2 weekends ago, but it was single digits and then the Bronco debacle, and well, motivation vanished! 

It's time for spring and summer colors, and I've acquired an 80/20% merino silk blend sock weight in 150 gram skeins that may acquire a place in our regular stock....but i want to play with it personally first! (OK, the 1 kilo quantities are temporarily on back order...sheepishly admitted!)