There is a direct relationship in this town having to do with Monday morning road rage and how the Bronco’s fared the day before. 


Mondays are always a less pleasant drive to start with…we all know that, it’s just MONDAY.  Granted, there aren’t many people on the road at 6am when I head out to work, but still, when the Broncos lose, WATCH OUT!

On these losing Mondays, I don’t know why, but there are MORE people out with me at 6am.  And they’re so MUCH nastier!

This morning (yes, the Bronco’s lost last night, it was ugly), the same &@%#$  cut me off 5 times.  In the course of 2 consecutive stop lights, 1 on ramp,1 freeway merge and 1 right lane ends, merge left….so in the span of about 1 ½ miles!  Complete with horn honking, headlight flashing and the obligatory 1-fingered salute!  Oh yeah, did I mention, she was driving a Prius?  Yeah, I said “She”!

Did I mention I was driving my 23 year old Jeep Wrangler (aka “The Tank”)?


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