The Bad News first, 'cause the good news really is better!  So, one of my new yarn lines, Twisted, has to be un-announced.  My supplier is no longer able to get this fun, funky yarn....bummer...

The good news is that there's a box of yarn on the way, and it DOES include my Twinkle Toes yarn! I hope to be dyeing up starting this weekend...depending on what our not-so-spring-like weather does!

I've also got a couple of new color ways I want to being a slate-blue and espresso brown combination I plan on naming after a family friend's daughter...we're still working on the actual.

I am also exploring a new yarn to take the place of Twisted, and I think I know what that's going to be...a little late to be included in the box on it's way, thought. 

It's a sample I ordered recently that I've only just gotten to get my hands into.  It's a 20/80 silk/superwash merino blend that comes in 150 gram, 600 yard "shawl" skeins.  I've dyed up the first of these two skeins and love the way it takes up color, and I've just cast it on to become a Haruni shawl, and I'm even MORE pleased with the way it knits!!  It's got a wonderful twist, and shows stitches clearly, while it's also both wonderfully soft!  It's going to have a gorgeous drape and will come soon, I hope!!

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