More Good News!


You all know I’m going to be at the 5thAnnual Spring Yarn event downtown on June 1st, but did you know that I’ve been officially and
formally accepted as a vendor at the West Welcome Week Craft Event on August 17th?  Yessirree Bob I have!! 

I’ll be sharing booth space with my alter ego A Doll’s
Chest (you can find a Doll’s Chest on  I’ll have details on both
events closer to time, and will be offering coupons for purchases, as well as
drawings the day of each event!  

And in the meantime, I’ve been cyber stalking my yarn
shipment online since Monday – at last update, it left Hodgkins, IL at 5:02am on the 24th – it’s due to be delivered tomorrow,
so I’m expecting new information on that any ol’ minute now! 


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