Oh the possibilities….when you get to “do your own
thing”, sometimes, the possibilities can be overwhelming!


I’ve been considering adding a retail section to this
website, so that those who don’t have the opportunity to visit Cassandra’s Yarn
Shoppe in downtown Denver can have the option of purchasing our yarn directly. 

It’s also getting into show season, and while I’ve
reluctantly ruled out a couple of multi-day events, I am still considering a
couple more 1-day events.  (One of these years, I WILL take the leap to a
multi-day event…but I am a 1 woman show, and my kids just aren’t old enough yet to mind things or themselves for potty breaks and such!) 

And there’s just so much to consider for these events! 
There’s always the terrifying prospect of not having enough stock…or equally as horrific, not selling a single item (it happened, once, but the event was
eventually declared as snowed out!)  There’s also the deciding exactly WHAT to have on hand!  From year to year, it’s never the same “hot item” twice!  And what’s hot sometimes catches me by surprise! 

Then the logistics…and not just those leading up to the
event (when to order yarn, and how much and what types, but how much can be dyed
at a time, in what colorways, and what weekends will I get rained or snowed
out?).  There’s also getting the canopy and the table and the chairs and the
stock and the office supplies and the cooler and the kids all to the event
space…in a Jeep Wrangler!  (cue the circus clown car song!)

One event that you’re certain to find me at is Cassandra’s 5th Annual Spring Yarn Knit Out & Crochet Community Event on June 1st!  
It’s the same day as the chalk art event on Larimer Square, so there will be
LOTS to see and do!  I will also be offering a coupon closer to time for that
event, so check back!  (add link)

I’m also seriously considering sharing a booth with
StillmanStitches at this year’s Western Welcome fair on August 17th!  I’ll need to decide at that here soon! 

I’m also planning on visiting a couple of the larger
events this year with an eye towards vending at them in coming years.  Seeing
them outside of a booth always gives a feel for the event!

Superbowl Sunday is here, and GOOOOO Commercials!

Probably not what you were expecting, huh?  I don't have a vested interest in the teams this year, other than the Ravens knocked the Bronco's out of the running, but the commercials are always worth watching!  And how often does that happen??

Instead of dashing to the kitchen, the fridge or the bathroom during the commercials, I'm making those mad dashes during game play!!