Several of my out-of-town Twitter followers have commented that I need to make my hand-dyed available online, since they can't get to downtown Denver.  That "Buy" page has gone live today!  Yes, I know, there's only 2 skeins of yarn listed right now...the batteries in my camera died after downloading just 2 color-ways from it!  I can find 3 AA batteries, but unfortunately, the stinker takes 4!  (and why am I have these kinds of problems 3 days before Mercury goes into retrograde, anyway?  but that's whooooole other blog post!)

Any way, that's a situation that will shortly be remedied!  In the meantime, feel free to peruse the Colors page, and if something grabs you 'round the throat and screams "MEMEMEMEME, pick ME!" feel free to email!  I can have your skein listed and ready to ship just as soon as it's dry!  

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